The limelight is set. The stage is set. The claps n whistles are set. It’s time for lights….camera…action! We bring to you a fashion moment in which your darling daughter or your little munchkin can set the ramp on fire with their looks, their smile and their attitude. Let us together bring in them their best and gift them their special proud moment.

The World Designer Society organises the World Kids Fashion Week, which is the biggest and most prestigious show in the world.

World kids Fashion week strives to unite fashion super kids from all over the world to demonstrate their highest potential in front of the worldwide audience. We are inviting those talented kids who can put their heart and soul into fashion and who deserve tremendous success in the profession.

World Kids Fashion Week is a World level show at which the cultures of all countries will be showcased.This is going to be a golden chance and a fashion dream for all the participants as well as for the viewers.The world’s first extreme thrilling show with super potential fashion kids is coming to lit the ramp with their experience and our greatest assistance. In the following years, the World Designer Society intends to bring the show to all other countries.

* The Audition participation certificate will be given to all kids who are invited to the auditions.

* Kids who advance to the finals will receive two days of intensive training from top industry professionals, as well as food and beverages.

* All of the outstanding kids that make it to the finals will receive certification honour.

* The World Kids Fashion Week team will select the most spectacular kids and present them with awards for best walk, best style, best face, best eyes, best expressions, and best pose.

World kids fashion week is an unparalleled show where fashion super kids are coming to showcase the best abilities to achieve unrivalled worldwide fame, prestige and exposure at the world’s biggest fashion week.

Media promotions
The World Kids Fashion Week will be broadcast globally via electronic, digital, and print media.

The World Designer Society board of directors and academics made the decision to keep the show’s distinctiveness and exclusivity, which makes it a dream for each participant.

The World designer society team has decided to showcase the World designer society’s exceptional designers distinctive, regal, avant garde, and classic collections on the World kids fashion week, as well as garments that will be handed to the kids as a pleasant gesture by the World designer society.

Age for Participation: 2 -14 years